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December 17, 2010 / ignuf

Bad Weather


Went to the beach the other morning to enjoy the winter silence, and this is when I realized how bad the memory loss I was experiencing was. I turned on my camera and couldn’t remember how to delete the pictures off it. I just stood there staring at it wondering why I couldn’t remember such a simple piece of information about a piece of equipment I’ve been using for three years. Eventually I realized that the button with a trash can probably had something to do with it. Memory loss is so bizarre, this was not just a ‘brain fart’ or a ‘blonde moment’, it felt like there was just blackness in my brain where this knowledge was supposed to be. Same with the other things I can’t remember, I know I knew but there’s just blackness and it’s just dark so I can’t see what I need to see.

Someone described what might be happening in my brain as an electrical storm but if feels more like a fog right now.

After I deleted those photos, I shot this one of the life guard station. I couldn’t bring myself to shoot anymore. Looking now I realize my lens needed to be cleaned, but I feel like a kid using my camera right now. What normally just flows for me is all of a sudden rather challenging and confusing.

All I can do is wait for the fog to lift.


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