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January 11, 2011 / ignuf

My First Sale On Ebay

So I took the plunge and made my first sale on ebay…..and holy fuck why didn’t I start doing this sooner?!

I sold my Sam Edelman Zoes because I never wore them since I found them so uncomfortable and they’re still in style so they could fetch a nice price.

It took three and half days for them to sell. It was really fun watching the bidding price go up, and going to bed only to wake up to a higher price. Watching the auction was like a new form of entertainment for me.Watching an auction you’re hoping to win isn’t fun, it makes you anxious. Watching an auction where you’re the one making the money is fabulous, you just watch the price go up and up knowing it will be yours.

I almost wish that I had set the buy it now price higher since I think I could of fetched a better amount and longer auction. I sold them for $140 which looking back seems pretty modest, I probably could of gotten $160 – $180 but none the less I’m happy to have gotten rid of them.

I have a couple pairs of Betsey Johnson shoes(and a wallet and bag) I’m contemplating selling along with some vintage shoes. I’m pretty tired of having stuff just take up space in my closet and never get worn.

The funny thing in all this is that I’m contemplating buying another pair of Sam Edelmans with the money I earned, except this time a nice pair of sensible(and lower priced) flats.


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