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January 28, 2011 / ignuf

Parents New Place /// My Cats I Left Behind

Soooooo my parents now reside nearby. I spent the night before they moved in with their cats so they’d get used to it, or explore or as one cat did sullenly hide in the closet and hiss at all that came near.

Here are some pictures of the place this morning shortly before they moved in:


The dining room with the giant lighting fixture, we were told that it came here all the way from Italy and took four dudes to install.

jan201120 jan201113

Lots and lots of Stained glass windows conveniently mean you can forgo having to buy curtains.


View from the porch in the back.



Things I like: stained glass and vintage wallpaper.


And the hallway which is awesome, and if you got the twins from the Shining, it could be totally creepy.

It’ll probably all look completely different within a week with the furniture and decorations added.

These are the two cats(they have three but she stays in the closet) I got to party with while sleeping alone in an empty house(which is totally creepy)

jan201110 jan201111

Tippy. Has super giant paws and can some how survive a ridiculous amount of fights. I once saw her with half her face hanging off. And you can’t really see it in the photo but her ears are a little mangled from fighing too.

BUT most importantly of all. The cat has monster fucking paws. They are huge and have extra digits.


This is Killer, originally my cat she was a birthday gift when I was 15. She’d live with me but I’ve never live anywhere I can allow a cat outside, and as her name suggests she likes to roam and kill small animals like birds, mice and rabbits.

Anyways these were my cats growing up and I’m gonna teach them to come visit me.



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  1. avtmri / Jan 28 2011 16:47

    we’d love to have that pic of killer compete in our cute pet pics competition on

    • ignuf / Jan 28 2011 18:04

      Feel free to enter her. I’m all for it.

  2. Nancy / Feb 1 2011 04:00

    I love Tippy, he is so cute. I want to squeeze his giant paws.

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