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January 30, 2011 / ignuf

Chopping Onions Is SO SERIOUS

Did you know they sell goggles for the sole purpose of chopping onions? As someone born without the cry baby onion chopping gene I never understood the big deal, I actually really like chopping onions.

So tell me, is chopping onions seriously so bad that you need goggles?

I do they like these goggles come in a variety of colors so you can coordinate to your kitchen or outfit. It has been proven that food tastes better when prepared in a great outfit.

You can pick them up here…if you like looking like a scientist in the kitchen.



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  1. Tanie / Jan 30 2011 22:33

    lol that’s hilarious. I use the Lianne Mars method of holding a spoon in my teeth to prevent crying when chopping onions.

  2. redshana / Feb 22 2011 19:29

    I used to not be affected by chopping onions but now, even when I go to restaurants, I will start sobbing and my eyes sting like I got salt in them if there are onions being chopped. I don’t know if it’s serious but it’s ob-nox-ious!

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