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Bucket List

  1. Graduate College
  2. Eat a lobster.
  3. Ride a zepplin.
  4. Win a contest.
  5. Go zorbing.
  6. Win a lottery.
  7. Stay at the Madonna Inn.
  8. Craft 1000 origami paper cranes
  9. Climb Mt. Fuiji
  10. Get married.
  11. See the pyramids.
  12. Spend a month in Europe.
  13. Visit a fortune teller.
  14. Go to coney island.
  15. Ride a go cart.
  16. Visit Yellowstone.
  17. Go on a road trip.
  18. See Niagara Falls.
  19. Attend Comic Con.
  20. Lose 100lbs.
  21. Go skydiving.
  22. Shoot a gun.
  23. Write a book.
  24. Go to the four corners.
  25. Run a race.
  26. Own a home.
  27. Spend a weekend in Vegas.
  28. See Myan ruins.
  29. See a painting by Van Gohp in pearson.
  30. Visit the Salvador Dali museum.
  31. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  32. Ride a camel.
  33. Rowboats in central park.
  34. Learn CPR.
  35. Learn to speak another language.
  36. Learn to play an instrument.
  37. Go on a blind date.
  38. See the Aurora Borealis
  39. Visit Easter Island
  40. Learn to knit.
  41. Visit the amityville house.
  42. Ride a horse on a beach.
  43. Make a difference in someones life.
  44. Watch the sun rise.
  45. Watch the sun set.
  46. Plant a tree and watch it grow.
  47. Go vegan for a month.
  48. Go to a Cherry Blossom festival.
  49. Fly in a helicopter.
  50. Go on a cruise.
  51. Go to the Louvre
  52. Go to space.
  53. Bungee jumping.
  54. Surprise someone.
  55. Become a mortician.
  56. Learn to scuba dive.
  57. Get my hand tattoos removed.
  58. Have my palm read.
  59. Learn to tie a cherry stem with my tongue.
  60. Cook a thanksgiving dinner.
  61. Donate blood.
  62. Catch a fish.
  63. Sell my plasma.
  64. Read the 100 best nonfiction. List here.
  65. Read the 100 best novels. List here.
  66. Learn to juggle…again.
  67. Have a day at a spa.
  68. Try miracle fruit.
  69. Walk over a bed of coals.
  70. Ride a mechanical bull.
  71. Start a family.
  72. Ride a motorcycle.
  73. See Cirque du Soleil
  74. Try oysters.
  75. Visit Iceland, preferably in the summer.
  76. Experience the paranormal.

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  1. Chad / Jun 24 2011 13:12

    We could knock out at least 10 of these things in a weekend.

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